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Computergestuetzte Rationsberechnung

Software Description

Diet Check Munich© is a software for the computer aided diet calculation for pet animals – from professionals for professionals!

Since two decades now Dr. Britta Dobenecker and Prof. Dr. Kienzle, authors of the software, are experienced in programming such specialized software (previous version: Diet-Check©). All expert knowledge from the years of work in the nutrition consultation service of the chair of animal nutrition and dietetics of the neva_und_welpeLudwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany, the research work as well as teaching (students, continuing education) were incorporated in this functional software made for practical use. Many veterinarian surgeries, clinics and hospitals in Europe and overseas already employ Diet Check© and Diet Check Munich© successfully.
Due to professional competence and timeliness, relevant scientific results and practical experience are passed on to the user directly and prompt.
For example: All requirement figures used in the software Diet Check Munich© are based on actual knowledge in the field of nutrition and clinical dietetics. Dr. Dobenecker is involved in the compilation of the European standards for nutrient requirements for dogs and cats (Scientific advisory board of the FEDIAF); Prof. Kienzle was part of developing the regulations for nutrient requirements for dogs and cats in the United States of America (NRC 2006).

Diet Check Munich© is available only for legally qualified veterinarians (exceptions reserved to copyright holders for related academic areas with main focus on pet nutrition).

Diet Check Munich© is characterized by the following matters and features:

  • Diet calculation for the species dog and cat
  • Plotting of a weight curve for puppies (for print-out)
  • Plotting of a weight loss curve for adult animals (weight check; for print-out)
  • Calculation of diets for different cases
    • Adult
    • Growth
    • Pregnancy
    • Lactation
    • Chronic renal insufficiency
    • Cardiac insufficiency
    • Senior
    • Uroliths (including calculation of the Cation-Anion-Balance and urine pH)
    • Diabetes mellitus
  • Timeliness due to transfer of latest scientific results (i.e. requirements etc.)
  • Graphic account of nutrient supply (histogram) – for print-out
  • Recipe with daily amounts and percentages (for print-out)
  • Database contains more than 2000 actual and complete datasets of foodstuffs
  • Database updates are offered every now and then
  • Possibility to include own data sets (diets, feedstuffs) including automated calculation/estimation of relevant parameters
  • User hotline (technical and professional questions)
  • Substantial online-help
  • Easy and concise administration of data (patients, cases) with search functions
  • Language selectable (English/German)
  • Questionnaire for nutritional history (print-out)
  • Appropriate for server-based use: software use from different work stations when licensed as multi-user version

Diet Check Munich© works as an independent software based on the principle of table calculation.
In our opinion the possibility to amplify the functions of Diet Check Munich© is particularly attractive. As soon as nutrient requirements and other data are established for new cases in dogs or cats or other species (pet animals) updates will be made available to the user.

System requirements :

Microsoft Windows operating systems from 2000 and XP onwards
required free hard disk storage: 50 MB
system memory (RAM): 256MB
optimized for a minimum monitor resolution of 1024×768 pixels

For the user of the previous version Diet-Check©:
Data of feedstuffs added to the database can be implemented in the new program Diet Check Munich©.


Copyright Diet Check Munich: Britta Dobenecker und Ellen Kienzle